Good news everyone!

Image result for professor farnsworth gif good news

I’m very excited to officially announce a partnership I’m taking part in that involves a group of great shows & one heck of a podcast hosting service.

You may have noticed a slight change in the show logo in recent weeks that now includes the logo for the Little Fella Media podcast network, sponsored by Buzzsprout! I’ll be including more information about the other shows at the end of KakeBytes episodes and you may notice a change in the start of the show with a word about Buzzsprout or any potential sponsors!

Little Fella Media conducts live in-studio productions of independent and signed artists. They are all about showcasing artistry and wanting to promote different ways that art is shown. Creating a podcast network is their newest project and I’m excited to join a fantastic group of shows:

I’m incredibly excited to work with these shows and Buzzsprout. I wanted to say thank you to my listeners for the support you have given and patience you have shown as the show has grown and changed.


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