Ep. 28 – Vanilla World of Warcraft with John Staats

Blizzard turned the page back in history this summer with the release of Classic World of Warcraft in lieu of a traditional expansion and John Staats, the first 3D level designer at Blizzard, recently published The World of Warcraft Diary Continue reading “Ep. 28 – Vanilla World of Warcraft with John Staats”

Ep. 26 — Ed Annunziata & Ecco the Dolphin

Ed Annunziata joined me on the latest episode of the show to discuss the Sega Genesis classic Ecco the Dolphin as well as discuss Space War Area, which launched earlier this year on the Nintendo Switch. 

We delve into his love of programming that kickstarted his career, starting with Pyramid Run in 1984He has stuck with the same team since Ecco, modernizing the development approach that has stuck with them for the last three decades. 

You can  follow Ed on Twitter @edannunziata and follow him on YouTube.

Here is a trailer for his most recent game Space War Arena:



“Overworld” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Good news everyone!

Image result for professor farnsworth gif good news

I’m very excited to officially announce a partnership I’m taking part in that involves a group of great shows & one heck of a podcast hosting service.

You may have noticed a slight change in the show logo in recent weeks that now includes the logo for the Little Fella Media podcast network, sponsored by Buzzsprout! I’ll be including more information about the other shows at the end of KakeBytes episodes and you may notice a change in the start of the show with a word about Buzzsprout or any potential sponsors!

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