Episode 20 — Gaming + Therapy

Dr. Mick is a couples & family therapist and streamer, hosting [Game] Sessions with a Therapist nightly at 11:30 CST.

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Episode 12 — Neversoft, Infinity Ward

This week’s guest is Simon Ko, an artist who has done concept art for the Guitar Hero and Call of Duty franchises.

Originally a concept artist specializing in vehicle design, Simon got picked up to do work with Neversoft on a little known franchise called Guitar Hero. This work with Neversoft merged into a career with Infinity Ward working on the Call of Duty franchises.

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Episode 11 — King of (the long) Kon

618UQzLlp4L._SY355_ Twin Galaxies has officially dropped the ban hammer on a second prominent world record holding champion: Billy Mitchell.

The scrutiny against Mitchell’s scores came on the heels of the ban against Todd Rogers, after a member of the Donkey Kong forums posted evidence that Mitchell may have used MAME, an emulator, to achieve scores he claims were won on an original arcade cabinet. A few weeks later, Apollo Legend dropped some evidence of his own.

If you’ve caught all of the episodes of the show, you’re acquainted with Scott. He’s been a guest so many times because his perspective is vast. He joins me today to talk about Billy Mitchell and his time working with Twin Galaxies in addition to the ways those experiences still impact his life today and what the real takeaway from the ban is.

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Episode 3 — @!#?@

I had the chance to pal around with Warren Davis, PSPJohn Newcomer, and John Hardie over the summer during the 2017 Let’s Play Expo and at the National Video Game Museum (very neatly nestled up in North Texas!). He was kind enough to sit and chat with me about… everything. Well, not everything, but everything from his love of acting, to his time working for Gottlieb (and on Q*bert!), but we also talk about his time working for competitors like Williams, a little about a never-released game that Warren and John worked on together, his time as a Disney Imagineer, and more!

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Episode 2 — The Texas Video Game Championships

Okay, so this episode went online almost a week ago as evidenced by the handy-dandy RSS feed on the sidebar, BUT life has been crazy so I’m finally ready to share the show notes for Episode 2 — The Texas Video Game Championships.

Billy Joe Cain (center, video game developer, 1982 Defender Champion, and founder/owner of the Radical Empathy Education Foundation), flanked by Walter Day and Billy Mitchell

In the newest episode of the show, I sit down to talk to Billy Joe Cain about… everything. Today’s show is the first part of our long interview, and I chose to break it up because Billy has an extensive history with the video game industry that began long before his time as a game developer.

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