Episode 9 — What do Madden and Medici have in common?

The answer to that question is this weeks guest: André Thomas.

André is the CEO of Triseum who has quite the resume to back up his history working in games. He has spent more than 20 years in CGI production, working on films such as Men in Black and Independence Day, in addition to being appointed head of graphics over the EA Sports football franchise that includes Madden, NCAA, and more.


André’s current endeavor shines a spotlight on Game Based Learning and in today’s episode he discusses the ways in which he has brought games to education worldwide — and we’re not just talking math blaster (did anyone else play the one where do you do math on a snowy mountain?).

Triseum’s first two games, ARTe Mecenas and Variant: Limit are just a taste of the way in which education is being revolutionized. Not only that, but the games are developed in conjunction with the Texas A&M Live Lab giving aspiring developers a unique opportunity to learn more about the industry (and a royalty check for life).

The relationship with the Live Lab comes from the fact that André also teaches game design and game development at Texas A&M. In his endeavors as an educator, he has also started Chillenium, a student-run video game jam gives students 48 hours to build a game from scratch.

I had the pleasure of attending the event in 2017 and it was amazing to see students who had driven from all over the county and from Canada to take part in the event.

I was honestly blown away by the fact that André and Triseum were right in my own backyard and that these things are happening at my own alma mater and honored that he took the time out of his busy schedule to take the time to sit with me in Triseum’s headquarters.

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