Episode 24 — From EA Sports to Anthem

Gracie Arenas Strittmatter currently serves as the technical art director over BioWare’s latest IP, Anthem.

She joins me to talk about how she was able to turn her love for art and computer science into a career, and how she found herself at a crossroads as she was finishing up her master’s program: feature films or games?

She discusses her discovery of the tech art role, how the role has changed in the ten years since she started in the industry, and she shares some of what she has learned through her time working on EA Sport’s titles, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and now on Anthem.

I’m excited to be moderating a panel for Gracie and some of her team at BioWare at SXSW this afternoon!

We’re doing a retrospective on the technical art of the game and their role in the world building of Anthem, joined by her colleagues Ben Cloward and Jeff Vanelle. I will have audio from the panel available as soon as possible courtesy of SXSW.

You can follow Gracie on Twitter @maze518

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