Episode 5 — Newgrounds.com

“A living history of the internet.” Tom Fulp wasn’t wrong when he said that Newgrounds.com was just that.

Tom is the true pioneer to online content creation. His first webspace was up and running in 1995, but four years earlier, at the tender age of 13, Tom sought to bring people together (even if it wasn’t initially intended for the web).

Some of the Internet’s first truly viral content was created by Tom himself, including a flash game using the likeness of the childhood horror show the Teletubbies that earned him a pretty lawsuit courtesy of PBS. Inside Edition reached out at a time to cover another game — Assassin, a flash game that was uploaded around the same time as Club a Seal — that prompted Tom to purchase the domain name Newgrounds.com, and thus a surviving relic of the early internet was born.

Seriously though, I could not be more excited about the opportunity I had to drop by Newgrounds HQ while I was on vacation in Philadelphia. I honestly tweeted Tom on a whim. Literally. (Also, this was pre-280 characters. How did we even live?)

Learning that The Behemoth has just released a new game, that Newgrounds is developing it’s first official title, as well as the things that NG is doing to preserve the extensive collection of content created from the last 20 years now that flash is being laid to rest in 2020 was just a bit mind blowing.

Newgrounds has quite the list of veterans to boast: the creators of games such as Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac (God tier, honestly), Rogue Legacy, in addition to the Cyanide & Happiness creators. If these titles are foreign to you, please do some research. Thanks.

Nightmare Cops is the newest title being developed by Tom and the crew over at Newgrounds and you can keep up with the dev team over at the game’s official Twitter:

Tom asked, really, for just one thing. To realize that Newgrounds still exists and is doing great things.

The reality is that NG has probably influenced your internet and gaming experience in some fashion — whether that be Castle Crashers or the adult games section of the website that absolutely none of us have ever gone to.

Seriously guys, just give the show a listen. You can find a link to download the show or listen on the web here: KakeBytes episode 5!

You can also find the show on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Overcast, Podcast Addict, TunerFM, and literally most of these million podcatchers. If you’re having trouble finding the show on your preferred app please email me at katy@kakebytes.com.

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One thought on “Episode 5 — Newgrounds.com

  1. […] I played a lot of computer games in the 90’s, most of which I could purchase at the local computer-related store in my hometown and were educational in some form with the Jump Start! series, Math Blaster, Arthur’s Reading Race, Humongous Entertainment (Putt Putt, Pajama Sam, Sly Fox, etc.). This ventured onto games like Zoo Tycoon which gave me a love for simulation games that survives to this day (I’m looking at you, Planet Zoo). There was also so much Neopets in my childhood that I have to force myself to leave you with this single sentence reference, but browser and flash games were a big part of my technology-connected adolescence. (Getting to chat with Tom Fulp from Newgrounds for KakeBytes was a teenage dream come true.) […]


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