Episode 4 — Rampage

I somehow managed to steal Brian away from his booth at the Houston Arcade and Pinball Expo to get him to regale his time working at BallyMidway on a little game called Rampage.

You know, the game that’s being turned into a movie. With The Rock.

Over the course of the interview Brian talks a bit about his time working in film and animation prior to working in games, about working on Discs of Tron and the limitations of working with a mere 16 pixels, the bad press that they had to deal with re: nudity in Rampage, about why him and Jeff Nauman were such a dynamite duo, the reasoning behind the use of videodiscs by Bally-Midway, and more. It’s a lot better coming from Brian, seriously.

You can find a link to download the show or listen on the web here: KakeBytes episode 4! You can also find the show on iTunes, GooglePlay, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Overcast, Podcast Addict, TunerFM, and literally most of these million pod directories. If you’re having trouble finding the show on your preferred app please email me at katy@kakebytes.com.

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