Episode 6 — The National Videogame Museum

We’re baaack! And by we, I mean me.

This week, I’ve got John Hardie with me to talk about the National Video Game Museum.

The biggest suprise — for me, anyway — was learning that the museum was in my backyard. Granted it’s about four hours from me in Frisco, but it’s still in Texas.

I had the immense pleasure of going on two tours of the museum. One with the public in which I got to watch John captivate a huge crowd with his knowledge, showcasing the interactive exhibits so that the guests could have an honest appreciate for things seemingly simple like internet speeds and the way that sound travel, and facilitating this nostalgia-driven adventure that so many of us are drawn to.

The other was a tour that was less about learning and more about being a fly on the wall as John meandered through the museum with Warren Davis, Q*bert, John Newcomer, Joust, and Patrick Scott Patterson.

John Newcomer (Joust), John Hardie (co-owner/founder of the National Video Game Museum), Warren Davis (Q*Bert), PSP (Video Game Historian and Preservationist), and KatyKakes

John talks with me about everything that he and his partners, Sean Kelly and Joe Santulli, came before the museum, which includes the Classic Gaming Expo, held in Las Vegas from 1999 until 2014, and their traveling exhibits that won best in show at various other gaming trade shows and expositions. He also talks quite a bit about the newest exhibit set to open within the next few weeks — The History of Virtual Reality.

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