Episode 3 — @!#?@

I had the chance to pal around with Warren Davis, PSPJohn Newcomer, and John Hardie over the summer during the 2017 Let’s Play Expo and at the National Video Game Museum (very neatly nestled up in North Texas!).

He was kind enough to sit and chat with me about… everything. Well, not everything, but everything from his love of acting, to his time working for Gottlieb (and on Q*bert!), but we also talk about his time working for competitors like Williams, a little about a never-released game that Warren and John worked on together, his time as a Disney Imagineer, and more!

You can find a link to download the show or listen on the web here: KakeBytes Episode 3 

Be sure to find KakeBytes all over the web: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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