Episode 2 — The Texas Video Game Championships

Okay, so this episode went online almost a week ago as evidenced by the handy-dandy RSS feed on the sidebar, BUT life has been crazy so I’m finally ready to share the show notes for Episode 2 — The Texas Video Game Championships.

Billy Joe Cain (center, video game developer, 1982 Defender Champion, and founder/owner of the Radical Empathy Education Foundation), flanked by Walter Day and Billy Mitchell

In the newest episode of the show, I sit down to talk to Billy Joe Cain about… everything. Today’s show is the first part of our long interview, and I chose to break it up because Billy has an extensive history with the video game industry that began long before his time as a game developer.

Currently, you can find him at the helm of the Radical Empathy Education Foundation (REEF) doing amazing work to aid in bringing an end to human trafficking worldwide by utilizing virtual reality technology to spread awareness by building empathy. Please take a moment to visit their website and take a look at all of the amazing work they’ve done so far with their first project Trapped: A VR Detective Story. Billy and I get deep into his work as a dev and with REEF in a later episode, so keep an eye out!

Today, though, Billy Joe Cain discusses his experience in competing in the Texas Video Game Championships in 1982 and what it was like to take home the title for Defender. I got to spend the weekend with him at this year’s Classic Game Fest, where he was honored by Walter Day for his time competing in the 1982 Texas Video Game Championships.

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Episode One — The Importance of Preservation

OKAY. SO. IT IS HERE. The first episode of KakeBytes.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect interview for the first episode! Patrick Scott Patterson has been a friend of the show since the beginning and is responsible for the many many great opportunities that I’ve had since production on the show has started.

Patrick Scott Patterson and KatyKakes (that’s me!) at the 2017 Houston Arcade and Pinball Expo

In today’s interview, we delve into the past of a young PSP and his first love: PAC-MAN, the National Video Game Team, his video game archival and preservation efforts, the conflicts that have arisen over the years as a result of sharing said history, and what we (the people) can do to help aid in preservation efforts of our own.

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Under the cut I’ve got some videos: the first is a clip from PSP’s panel on the disappearing neighborhood arcades of the 1980’s and the second is the Facebook Live video in which he unearths those four mythical Akira prototypes.

I’ll be posting the full audio from his panel (along with Brian Colin’s) on Patreon for my dear Patrons, along with some other photos from events I’ve gone to with Scott this year.

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get ready for lift off 🚀

So there’s a lot of great news coming out of this week!

To begin: episode one is launching on October 25th!

I’ll be releasing an episode 0 sometime next week to get my RSS feeds ready for the official show, so expect a little commotion about that next week. I’m also planning on releasing a blog on how to subscribe to the show for those who may not be so sure how to find it once it’s out.

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and awaaay we go!

Well, here’s the website I’ve been promising for quite sometime. Everything is starting to come together now that we’re inching closer to the launch of the show.

I don’t have an official date yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the progress. I can at least promise an October launch for episode one!

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